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The Importance of Immunizations


Immunizations are designed to protect against serious illnesses ranging from polio and tetanus to measles, mumps, and the seasonal flu. Immunizations are vaccines made of either weakened or “killed” versions of the bacteria or virus that causes a particular disease. When these altered viruses and bacteria are injected or taken orally, the immune system mounts an attack that stimulates the body to produce antibodies. Once produced, the antibodies remain active in the body, ready to fight off the real disease. For example, if a whooping cough broke out in your area, an immunized child would be much less likely to contract the disease than one who wasn’t immunized

DTaP, to protect against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis ( a whooping cough)

Hepatitis A, to protect against hepatitis A, which can cause the liver disease hepatitis

Hepatitis B, to protect against hepatitis B, which can cause the liver disease hepatitis

Hib, to protect against Haemophilus influenza type B, which can lead to meningitis, pneumonia, and epiglottitis

HPV, to protect against human papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States and a cause of genital warts and cervical, anal, and throat cancers

Influenza (the flu shot or, for age 2 and up, nasal spray vaccine), to protect against seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine flu)

Meningococcal, to protect against meningococcal disease, the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in U.S. children in pre-vaccine days

MMR, to protect against measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles)

Pneumococcal (PCV), to protect against pneumococcal disease, which can lead to meningitis, pneumonia, and ear infections

Polio (IPV), to protect against polio

Rotavirus, (given orally, not as an injection) to protect against rotavirus, which can cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and dehydration

Varicella, to protect against chicken pox

Every year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices publishes a new schedule showing which vaccines are recommended and when to get them. If your child is behind on immunizations, ask your doctor about the “catch-up” schedule.


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Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics is welcoming all children in Clearwater and Oldsmar, Florida, and the surrounding areas, to provide them with the care and help they need. We are honored by your interest in our practice. Our board-certified Pediatricians have specialized training in the diseases and treatment of the newborn, infant, toddler, and adolescent. Our Pediatricians evaluate physical and mental growth throughout development.

On July 1st, 2015 we celebrated our 52nd year in practice! Our goal is to continue to provide your growing children proper advice and treatment for a physically and emotionally happy childhood. We are proud to say there has been limited turnover in our staff over the last 50 years! We staff qualified nurses with extensive pediatric experience to support us in the care of your child. Our staff is available to help with any other concerns involving your child. We are dedicated to providing the parent an environment in which he or she can inquire about health concerns of his or her child.

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  • “Dr. Greg” entered our Florida pediatric practice in 1991 after graduating from the University of Miami, the University of South Florida (USF) School of Medicine and USF Pediatric Residency. He has been a resident of Florida since 1972. Dr. Greg has one daughter.

  • “Dr. Karen” came to the practice in 2000. She has been practicing pediatrics in Florida since 1994. She is a graduate of University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester and All Children’s Hospital (ACH) Pediatric Residency. Dr. Karen and her husband have a son and daughter.

  • “Dr. Kathy” came to the practice in 2004 after completing her residency at the  Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from West Virginia University and the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Dr. Kathy has two children.

  • “Dr. Kim,” the newest of our pediatricians, joined our practice in 2006. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and the University of Kentucky College of Allied Health. Dr. Kim and her husband have two children. She completed her Pediatric Residency at the University of South Florida.

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  • Choosing a Pediatrician is a very important decision for soon to be parents. Requesting an interview with a Pediatrician should be a top priority. We offer FREE newborn conferences where you can come to our office, meet one of our Pediatricians, and take a tour of our office. One of our doctors will meet with you and answer any questions you might have before your bundle of joy arrives.

    • Start your search for the perfect pediatrician MONTHS before the birth of your baby
    • It’s an important decision that will “last” for two decades
    • It gives you plenty of time to make the “right” decision for YOU and your family

    These conferences with our physicians are held Monday through Friday at either 6:30 am or 12:30 pm. Call our office today at 727-447-6458 to set up an appointment for a newborn conference.

  • Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. Your child will have more pediatric well-child visits when they are younger and developing the fastest. Each visit includes a complete physical examination. At this exam, the health care provider will check the infant or child’s growth and development to find or prevent problems.

    The health care provider will record your child’s height, weight, and other valuable information on a growth chart. Hearing, vision, and other screening tests will be part of some visits.

    Even if your child is healthy, well-child visits are important because it is the right time to focus on your child’s wellness. Preventive care is important to keep children healthy. Well-child visits are key times for communication. Make the most of these visits by writing down important questions and concerns to bring with you.


Hospitals and Specialists

Our office will negotiate managed care referrals for emergency room services or to specialists. Proper timing is required to obtain a referral.

If a patient requires admission to a hospital, we recommend admission to:

All Children’s Hospital – St. Petersburg
Morton Plant Hospital – Clearwater
Mease Countryside Hospital – Clearwater
St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital – Tampa.

Depending on individual needs and insurance requirements, please call us for proper procedures for admissions to hospitals and appointments with specialists.

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Accepted Insurance Plans

Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics does not accept any Medicaid products. Our office is contracted with several insurance plans; if you see your insurance company listed, but have a Medicaid product through them, please be aware that we will not accept that insurance plan. If you have questions, please call your insurance company or our billing department at 727-442-1521 to verify we are a provider for your plan.

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Anthem Blue Cross/California Care HMO
Beech Street
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (Florida Blue)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

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    I feel so relieved and blessed that we met Dr. Greg. You Floridians are lucky to have such a genuine and kind pediatrician! I couldn't recommend him or his staff more.

    CC C.
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    Dr. Savel is a competent and caring pediatrician. I'm in my 30's and I was a patient at Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics when I was a child. My children now are patients there.

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