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We Now Offer Telemedicine!

Now more than ever, you need to stay connected. Knowing that you have the ability to connect with Dr. Savel, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Boreman or Dr. Odom gives you the extra peace of mind you need.

Doing our part to keep you safe

In our efforts to keep you and our care givers safe, we are pleased to announce that we’re now offering telehealth services!

From the comfort of your own home

You can have the expertise of the professional advice of one of the doctors at Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics without ever leaving your home.

Is telehealth right for you?

When you call Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics for an appointment, tell us why you’d like to be seen.

  • Here are some examples of what might qualify: anxiety/depression follow up visits, vomiting/diarrhea, pink eye and swimmer’s ear.
  • If you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms, we are happy to assess you by phone using the CDC protocol.
  • If your problem is urgent or emergent or must have a physical exam to figure out how best to help you, we will offer you an in-person exam. Both of our Myrtle Avenue locations remain open to serve you.

The process is simple

Skype will be used for all telehealth visits. Please download the Skype App on the device that you will be using (a laptop is preferable).  Please find a quiet, place with bright lighting and a strong WiFi or cellular connection. If a scale is available, please check a current weight.

What your visit will look like

Generally, one of our staff will initiate contact to collect important medical history information and prepare the doctor for your visit. From there, the doctor will take over the call. If for some reason the call drops or disconnects, please WAIT for the office to call you back. The doctor will do a limited visual exam, ask questions and offer advice. If a prescription is warranted, it will be sent electronically. If, during the visit, the doctor feels you need a follow-up exam in person, you will be scheduled accordingly.


As a result of recent changes announced by the government, most insurance companies now cover telehealth services according to the applicable benefits, and may be subject to a copay or deductible just as a regular office visit would be.  Any money due will be collected when the telehealth visit is scheduled by the office.

Stay safe, stay well

The doctors at Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics care about you and your well-being. Know that we are doing our part to keep you safe. *For established Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics patients only.

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