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Immunizations Specialist

Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics

Pediatrician located in Clearwater, FL & Oldsmar, FL

Keeping up-to-date on immunizations, including flu shots, is among the most important preventive measures for best health practices. Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics provides immunizations for patients in Clearwater and Oldsmar Florida locations.

Immunizations Q & A

Why are immunizations important?

Each year immunizations, also known as vaccines, save millions of lives by preventing illness and lifelong disability. Many childhood diseases are now preventable by vaccination. Diseases that used to be common around the world, including polio, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough and mumps can now be prevented by vaccination. These illnesses can result in serious complications and even death. It is important for each parent to get the facts and information surrounding immunizations to make an informed decision for his/her child. Immunization is the single most important way parents can protect their children from serious diseases. 

Are immunizations safe?

Immunizations and vaccinations provide us with antibodies we need to ward off many types of life-threatening diseases. They have been approved by the FDA as a safe part of health and wellness.


When should I start my child’s immunizations?

It is recommended that childhood immunizations begin around the age of eight weeks. At this time, the natural immunity to an illness that newborn babies receive from their mother’s begins to wear off, and they become more susceptible to disease. Following the initial shots, the immunizations should be administered on an ongoing basis until the full vaccine series is finished. Your doctor will be able to provide you with a full schedule to follow for your child’s immunizations.

Accepted Insurance Plans

Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics does not accept any Medicaid products. Our office is contracted with several insurance plans; if you see your insurance company listed, but have a Medicaid product through them, please be aware that we will not accept that insurance plan. If you have questions, please call your insurance company or our billing department at 727-447-8519 to verify we are a provider for your plan.

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