Newborn And Infant Examinations

Newborn And Infant Examinations Specialist
Newborns and infants have special care requirements in relation to their growth and overall development. Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics in the Clearwater and Oldsmar areas of Florida offers newborn & infant exams to ensure proper growth and development of your child.

Newborn and Infant Exams Q & A

Why are newborn or infant exams done?

It is recommended that within 24 hours of birth, a newborn has a thorough medical evaluation. These types of exams are beneficial to identify any abnormalities which may impede natural development. 

When are newborn or infant exams scheduled?

After the initial exam, in the hospital, newborns are examined every day until discharge. Within two to four days of discharge, another exam will be scheduled. Additional newborn exams are set-up as needed until the one month regularly scheduled well child check-up. Each situation will differ due to the unique needs of newborns.

What happens during a newborn exam?

A newborn exam begins with measurements. The measurements will be plotted on a chart to determine proper growth. A thorough physical examination will then be performed. Parents will also be asked a series of questions concerning your baby's social and motor skills to access development. Anticipatory guidance will be provided so parents can understand what to expect during the first months of their newborn’s life. Recommendations for future immunizations will also be made.

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