School And Sports Physicals

School And Sports Physicals Specialist
Before admittance to school, or to be eligible to play on a sports team, physicals are often required. Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics offers these physicals to their patients in the Clearwater and Oldsmar Florida locations.

School & Sports Physicals Q & A

Why would my child need a physical before admittance to a school or sports team?

While your child is growing and developing, his/her health and wellbeing go through many changes. A physical will provide the opportunity to monitor your child’s growth and development, and to safeguard against any potential issues. Sports physicals supplement annual exams and their specific focus is on your child’s physical health and ability to participate in sport. Each school district will have different requirements that need to be met including vaccination to protect the overall well-being of the classroom and/or sports teams.

How can I prepare my child for the sports or school physical?

Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics can provide the information that may be necessary to bring with you for your child’s physical. This can include discussing any changes since your child’s last visit, any changes to the family medical history, and a list of any over the counter medications that your child might be taking.

Letting your child know what to expect before the visit will help to prepare them. Some of the checks that will be performed by the doctor include:

  • height
  • weight
  • eyesight
  • strength and flexibility
  • blood pressure
  • heart and lungs
  • feel your abdomen
  • ears, nose, and throat

If any immunizations are due, letting your child know ahead of time and discussing why they are an important part of health and wellness, will better prepare them.

What is the difference between an annual and sports physical?  

An annual physical exam is when the doctor performs a variety of tests and checks to record the child’s development and health. Sports physicals specifically check the child’s health and physical condition about their capability to participate in a particular sport. Many of the tests in the sports physical will be similar to those of a standard annual physical.

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